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Feb 19, 2022

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January 26, 2023

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Steve Cater


Building a Sustainable Contract-Focused Recruitment Agency in the UK Market



As a recruitment agency owner, you know that the industry is constantly evolving. The rise of contract recruitment in the UK market has created new opportunities for agencies to grow and thrive. However, it's important to remember that building a sustainable contract-focused agency takes more than just filling job orders. Here are some practical ways to scale your contract recruitment agency:

  1. Specialise in a specific niche: Instead of trying to be a jack-of-all-trades, focus on a specific niche within the contract recruitment market. This could be a specific industry, such as healthcare or technology, or a specific type of contract, such as temporary or interim. By specialising, you'll be able to build a reputation as an expert in your field and attract more clients.
  2. Establish a strong candidate pool: A strong candidate pool is the backbone of any recruitment agency. Building a network of qualified candidates can take time and effort, but it will pay off in the long run. Invest in candidate sourcing tools and create a referral program to incentivise your current candidates to refer their friends and colleagues.
  3. Build lasting relationships with clients: The key to any successful recruitment agency is building lasting relationships with clients. This means understanding their needs and providing exceptional customer service. Make sure to regularly check in with your clients and ask for feedback on how you can improve.
  4. Be proactive in marketing: Marketing your agency is crucial to growing your business. Utilise social media, email marketing, and other digital channels to reach out to potential clients and candidates. Create valuable content that will attract and engage your target audience, such as blog posts, white-papers, webinars, and case studies.
  5. Stay compliant: The recruitment industry is heavily regulated, and it's important to stay compliant with all laws and regulations. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest legislation, such as GDPR, and make sure you have the proper insurance in place.

By following these practical steps, you can create a sustainable contract-focused recruitment agency that can scale and grow in the UK market. Remember, building a successful agency takes time and effort, but with dedication and hard work, you can create a thriving business that will stand the test of time.

Some of the most significant threats that we hear often are:

  1. Competition: The recruitment industry is highly competitive, with many agencies vying for the same clients and candidates. This can make it difficult to stand out and attract new business.
  2. Economic conditions: Economic conditions can have a significant impact on the recruitment industry. A recession or economic downturn can lead to a decrease in job openings and a decrease in demand for recruitment services.
  3. Technological disruption: Technological advancements, such as automation and artificial intelligence, are having a major impact on the recruitment industry. This can lead to increased competition from online platforms and digital recruitment tools, which can make it harder for traditional recruitment agencies to stay relevant.
  4. Regulations and compliance: The recruitment industry is heavily regulated, and it's important to stay compliant with all laws and regulations. Failure to do so can result in fines and penalties, which can negatively impact the sustainability of the business.
  5. Lack of qualified candidates: A lack of qualified candidates can make it difficult to fill job orders and meet the needs of clients. This can lead to a decrease in revenue and a decrease in the overall sustainability of the business.
  6. Lack of diversification of services: Recruitment agencies that only focus on one or two services may find it hard to sustain their business in a market that is constantly evolving and demands diversification of services.

In order to mitigate these threats, recruitment agency owners need to stay up-to-date with industry trends, diversify their services, and build lasting relationships with clients. It's also important to invest in technology and tools that can help to streamline operations and make the agency more efficient.

Steve Cater
VP Growth

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