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Oct 23, 2023

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October 23, 2023

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Steve Cater

Release: Full control


October has seen lots of great updates come to the Raise platform. All of these releases give agency users more control over key things that happen on the platform; greater insight into how things are going and provide an even better experience for candidates and clients.

So what's new?

You can submit timesheets

There are many reasons why you might want to submit a timesheet on behalf of a contractor. There might be other systems already in play, a paper-based timesheet process or a contractor that simply wants the deluxe experience (as if!).

The power is now yours.

Agencies can now submit timesheets on behalf of contractors

You can edit placements pending approval

Sometimes a placement gets confirmed, you add a placement request and it gets sent off to the hiring manager to approve, to then find out the rates changed or it's moved back a week. You'd let us know and then have to wait for things to get updated. Snore.

If anything changes when awaiting client approval, you can now update it double quick.

You can chase clients to approve placements

Your clients are busy people. They miss things. And a polite nudge is sometimes all it takes to get things moving. If there are placements that they need to approve you can choose to send a reminder. What's more... they won't need to login in to get it approved.

Click the link, approve the placement, get back to being busy.

Your brand is now front and centre

Building brand awareness with your clients at every opportunity is important to your growth. We're now showing your logo at the the key touch points: placement and timesheet approval.

Every time a client comes to the platform to accept a placement or approve a timesheet, they see your glorious logo.

And finally...

Insights at your fingertips

We have a wealth of data that has huge potential value to agency leaders. This month we pushed live the first release of Insights, a dedicated space to see key insight into your clients, placements and commission.

This is a massive step forward in giving you rich insight to run your business, and a real value add.

Say hello to the Raise Insights

There's lot to take in. If you're a Raise customer and have any questions about any of these new features, do let us know. Get in touch with one of the team or speak with your Customer Success Manager. Your feedback is really valuable to us. It helps makes us build a better platform for you, your team, your candidates and your clients. So, please, if you have any feedback at all - we would ❤️ to hear it.

If you're not yet using Raise to fund and manage your recruitment agency and would like to see how these new features can add value to your business, get in touch here.


Steve Cater
VP Growth

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