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Apr 27, 2023

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April 27, 2023

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Steve Cater

Release: Chasing timesheets


We're delighted to share that agencies can now send extra chasers to contractors and timesheet approvers.

Timesheets are a core part of the platform, they're a foundation of your business and they're the life blood of contractors livelihoods. We're giving users at agencies even more control and discretion to help in nudging both contractor and client to get timesheets submitted and approved, ensuring that invoices are raised and people get paid.

The Raise platform already does the hard graft, sending gentle reminders and motivating both sides to get things done in a meaningful timeframe. But, let's face it, sometimes that extra reminder goes a long way. This is how it all works:

How to chase a timesheet

Start by heading to timesheets

filter with "Submitted" or "Draft" status if it's easier...

Select the ones that you want to chase

  • Click the check box of the timesheet(s) you want to chase
  • Select as many as you like
  • Click "Chase"
Select and chase

Send your chasers

  • You can choose to add comments - these will appear in the email notification (upcoming release)
  • Each user will be notified (with any comments you add) with a link to the relevant timesheet
Add a comment to each chaser if needed

Easy. Job done. Some agencies that use Raise are baking this into their weekly process, to give contractors and timesheet approvers as much notice as possible ahead of the timesheet deadline.

If you're not a Raise customer, but would like to see how simple adding, managing and funding your placements is book a demo here.

If you already use Raise to power your agency and would like to have a demo of the new functionality, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, Onboarding Agent or book a slot here.


Steve Cater
VP Growth

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